Say hi to Knight 2019, a 3D printer
for professionals for creators for real jobs

We make it different


Beyond the class

It's desktop.
It's not a desktop 3D printer like what you seen before!
Knight 2019 is a wild machine in a graceful shell. Inside the printer you will find more and more horsepower than you imagined.

Many great labs and studios experienced Knight series, including Peking University, Tsinghua Univerisity, Fudan University, Tongji University, AECOM, Wood Bagot and Forever Bicycle.

Beyond the class

6061 aluminum chassis

Yes, It's aluminum, not acrylic or wood. This light-weight structure can last long enough, and keep everything perfect after a long trip.

CNC machined anywhere

Instead of aluminum profiles, CNC macnined parts provide a much better assembly.

Solid like a tank

Printing fast at 300x300x380 building volume, Knight 2019 keeps stable.

Servo systems

Moons' Servo motors and driver modules installed, no more worry about missing steps or not perfect printing surface.

No more long long belt

Another No.1! Knight 2019 has Hiwin ball screw rods and linear guides on all 3 axes.

Floating dual heads

Dual print heads, more material to use, and less interference.

More and less

More and less

With Knight 2019, you get more and spend less! We designed it to take care of your prototyping better.

More precise

Not caculated, but measured! Knight 2019 has a typical ±0.05~0.10mm tolerance printing most designs, and it can print it in a 0.01mm layer thickness setting as well.

Less failure

Servo motors and ballscrew axes means perfect printing. You can get what you designed more easily with Knight 2019.

More materials

PLA is good, but Nylon PA-6 and PA-CF / PA-GF are better! There are so many new engineering materials Knight 2019 can print perfect to make your design better.

Less cost

Designed for professional use, Knight 2019 reduce the cost to print PA-CF from $1 per gram to $0.03.

More reilable

The moving structure on Knight 2019 can last 3 times longer than any belt driven desktop 3D printers.

Less maintaining

Unlike regular belt driven desktop 3D printers, you don't need to fasten the belts every month. We also provide professional service for Knight series.

More upgrading options

Want to print PEI, POM or PEEK? Want a heating chamber like Makerbot Method? No problem, just let us know your needs.

Less limit

The standard 300x300x380mm building volume beats most competitors, but you can even ask for a larger one. Print something big now!

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